Bring Home the Peace with Bouddhanath Images

There are two kinds of people when it comes to experiencing peace – One who goes to nature to explore the tranquil beauty, and another one who goes to the stupas/monasteries where Buddhism’s mantras and religious vibes are transmitted. Talking about stupas, one of the biggest stupas in Kathmandu is Bouddhanath Stupa. People say that when they enter Bouddhanath and look into the soulful eyes of Bouddha, they feel a distinct kind of peace. People like to take pictures of Boudhanath, white beauty to make their pictures cooler. Besides clicking pictures, one thing you can do is hang Boudhanath’s paintings or photographs – big or small – in your home to bring the peaceful vibes.

What is Boudhanath?

Boudhanath is an important pilgrimage for all Hindus and Buddhists in Nepal and worldwide. Listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, Bouddhanath is a doom-shaped structure with a large pinnacle-like structure situated on top of the dome. Bouddhnath stupa incorporates the five most elements of life – Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Space. Talking about the base of stupa, it has three enormous platforms that decrease in size. These platforms represent the sky, while the circular vase that supports the semi-sphere represents water. The eyes of Buddha depicted on the stupa have been variously described as impassive, inscrutable & shrewd, and empathetic.

Boudhanath Stupa

Getting a Stupa Canvas for home.

Placing your Bouddhanath painting or photo in your living room is the perfect decision, as your guests can feel the peaceful vibes just by entering and staying there. You can have a big frame of the Bouddhanath and eventually make it the centerpiece. But if you don’t want to overdue, you can place this peaceful painting/frame along with other Feng Shui-related items in your living room. Always ensure to give a respectful space to this frame/canvas/painting as it is a matter of religious value and cultural identity.

Where to buy Boudhanath high-quality pictures online?

The internet is loaded with pictures of Bouddhanath stupa, but buying it from Nepali portals/sites is certainly a better option. By buying Bouddhanath Stupa from Nepali portals, not only will you support the photographers, but you will also help the cultural heritage gets greater appreciation.

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