The best places to travel Nepal during Chhath festival for culture photography

Chhath- The festival of purity and devotion

After two major Hindu festivals, namely Dashain festival and Tihar Festival, Chhath festival is observed. It is a four-day religious festival celebrated by Hindus from Kartik Shukla Chaturthi to Kartik Shukla Saptami. People in the Terai region predominantly celebrate the festival. Chhath is considered the most strict and pure festival where devotees stay pure and eat sattvic food. 

While walking to the river, devotees are seen touching the earth, laying their entire bodies on the ground, rising up, and walking ahead again. In the Chhath festival, Devotees chant traditional melodies in praise of Lord Sun and Shashthi Devi (Chhathi Maiya). Devotees believe that worshiping Chattihi Mai and Lord Sun will bring their family wealth and well-being.

Chhathe festival at Janakapur

Let’s discuss what activities are done during each day.

Day 1: Naha Kha

Naha Kha means “bath and eat.” On this day, devotees take a plunge in a local holy river, clean the house and surroundings, get cleaned, and consume only one meal.

Day 2: Kharna / Lohanda

Devotees observe fasting on this day, which ends in the evening after sunset. They also revere the ground and offer and distribute Kheer (rice pudding), fruits, and sweets. Devotees also fast for the next 36 hours without drinking water.

Day 3: Chhath

Devotees make prasad in their homes. In the evening, devotees would immerse themselves in water and give Sanjhiya Arghya (evening offerings). Devotees offer Arghas in different ponds and rivers of the Kathmandu and Terai regions. After offering Argha to the Lord Sun, the lights are turned on late in the evening. The lamps are protected by a canopy made of five sugarcane sticks. The lit bulbs represent the solar energy that keeps humans alive. Devotees also sing folk songs about Mithila Pradesh’s culture, social structure, mythology, and history.
Chhath festival

Day 4: Paran

On the fourth day, Bihaniya Argha or Morning Offering to the Sun, is performed. Devotees, along with family and friends, return to the riverbank before daylight. Prasad, such as Thekuwa, is distributed, and the celebration concludes with family and friend gatherings.

What do people feel during or after Chhath Puja?

Devotees feel that Chhath and the fasting rituals rules help them develop mental discipline. During Chhath, the most dominating thought in the minds of the devotees is cleanliness. Fasting mainly aids in the cleansing of the body and mind as well as mental states. Detoxification helps to normalize the flow of prana and makes the individual more energized. Devotees feel revitalized and energized after the fasting session.

Since dawn and sunset are the only times when people may safely get solar energy straight from the Sun. That is why, during Chhath puja, there is a practice of giving Arghya to the Sun in the late evening and early morning. The UV radiation levels stay below acceptable limits during these times. As a result, devotees receive some nice natural Vitamin D from the sun as well.

places to travel Nepal during Chhath festival

Where are the best places to travel Nepal during Chhath festival for a culture photography?

Because the Chhath festival celebration originated in the Mithila region, i.e., Janakpur, spectators, this is the best time for photographers to travel Janakpurdham area to capture the best images of the Chhath and lifestyle of Janakpudham. So, if you’re a photographer looking to capture real Chhath festival photographs this year, be sure to book your tickets to Janakpur and experience and capture the original Chhath festival events.

places to travel Nepal during Chhath festival

You may discover festive vibes in different ponds and rivers of Kathmandu valley as well. Ranipokhari, Kamal Pokhari, Bagmati river bank, Kamalbinayak Bhaktapur, and other places devotees are seem to be celebrating the Chhath festival, so the good time to visit photographers during sunset and sunrise time for capturing the best moments of worshipping the Lord Sun.

Another best places to travel during the Chhath festival is the Narayangadh, Chitwan, Siraha, Lahan etc. Where You may get fantastic Chhath festival photographs on the bank of the river and ponds of different places.

Chhath festival Narayanghat

So, carry your backpack with your photography equipment and get some good image worthy for your website and selling purposes.