4 Things to consider while choosing frames pictures for Your wall

Artwork helps to identify the homeowner’s and their space’s personalities. It’s great for connecting disparate items, adding character to a room, and making your space feel more alive. The wonderful thing about art is that it’s a portable investment that may increase value over time. Choosing art for space is just as crucial as selecting curtains, carpets, paint, or a coffee table.
So, what are the things to consider while choosing artwork to beautify your plain walls? Here, we have 4 major points on how you can choose the best paintings.

The painting that has meaning

Art holds the power to educate and amaze people at the same time. Thus, paintings must have something attached. You can also go for intricate details that have specific meanings. Further, the lines, shapes, colors, tones, surface texture, and symbolic abstract color can own hidden meanings. Once, you become an expert to figure out paintings that hold attractive factors and hidden meanings. For this, abstract painting appears to be the best.

Paintings must have a loving or positive emotion connected

Art is genuinely a gift to the world, giving lives to paintings. Arts are often influenced by our culture and perception of life and things. When you have some paintings or artworks that have positive emotions, they can help you have better feelings. These can be portraits of your loved ones or family. Other paintings can increase your self-awareness and inspire you to be open to new ideas and experiences while making your minds and hearts content every time you see the paintings.

Vastu or Feng Shui approved tips for positive energy.

Vastu, Reiki, and Feng Shui believe in specific settings, symbols, arts, or paintings that can bring inspiration, coolness, creativity, and comfort to your life. These spiritual sciences talk about signs, affirmation words, magic words, colors, statues, animals, and directions. At the same time, some paintings can help you bring positivity, wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Feng shui tips contribute to the overall energy flow and feel of a space. In Feng Shui, paintings of bamboo, Buddha, and Koi fish are said to bring luck and prosperity. Paintings of positive images, such as beautiful scenery or celebrations, bring good energy throughout your home or office.

Shop For Art In person but do your research online

Although everything, even art pieces, can now be purchased online, the physical shopping experience will always have a premium. Seeing the painting in person allows you to get a sense of its actual emotions. Further, you can get inspiration from catalogs, galleries, and commercial collections. Artists from all around Nepal are represented on online platforms like ImagePasal. You may also look for certain categories of work and color, size, and style.

Dos and don’ts of hanging paintings on walls

  • Don’t merely buy something to fill a void or to complement your furniture.
  • Don’t use a significant wall area to hang just one lonely tiny item.
  • To safeguard UV-blocking and avoid any damage, never hang artwork in direct sunlight or near heat sources.
  • Invest in items that you actually enjoy or that have significance for you.
  • Plan ahead of time and ensure that artwork is displayed correctly.
  • Don’t hang your artwork until you’ve decided where your furniture will be placed.
  • Consider grouping or gridding your paintings, although the scale of the work will dictate this.

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