5 Reasons To Buy from Art pieces from Online Art Selling Platforms

Art is a subjective emotional choice. For an individual, abstract art can be their favorite, while some may prefer portraits. To buy a piece of art, you have two options- primary and secondary market. The primary art market deals with agent. Here you pay to support the artist directly. On the other hand, the price has already been established in the secondary art market, meaning you are buying a second-hand painting. In this context, some online stores act as the primary market. In fact, for customers searching to buy a printed frame or buy printed photos of landscape portraits, these online art selling companies appear more convenient and better options.
So, what are the benefits for an art-lover like you when you will use online art selling sites to buy an art piece of your choice? Well, we have got you covered. Here in this blog, you will get familiar with the five benefits of buying from online art companies.

5 Reasons To Buy from Art pieces from Online Art Selling Platforms

Online Art Companies Own Experience

It is found that most of such online art companies are actually set up by artists or a team of artists themselves. Hence, they would have their best version of art exhibited on the website or other media. Not only that, but they would also act as a reliable platform for the upcoming as well as well-performing artists.

Treat your eyes with endless choices

Running an online art store isn’t a joke as it involves having the product of quite decent quality and quantity. These online art selling companies would have an array of options- lifestyle, culture, people, architecture, travel, animals, landscape, cityscape, nature panoramic, fashion, abstract, and even digital art. This will surely be a treat to your eyes which are sick of watching the social media feeds and stories.

Art-Related Information at your fingertips

All the work you see in online art galleries is created by passionate artists trying to connect with the audience digitally. Here, you can browse images or frames with just swipes and clicks. Not only images, but such portals also own art-related blogs, which can help you to enrich your art or art purchase-related decisions.

They give you a hassle-free experience

Online art selling companies have their own specific buying, shipping, or even refund-related policies that allow you to buy your desired artwork and get it delivered at your choice. Moreover, you save time and money to actually go-to galleries, run around to pick, and even save money you could spend on lunch or snacks.

You are supporting the artist directly or indirectly

Purchasing your art from internet retailers is the simplest method to support independent artists. Smaller fairs, such as market booths and local shows in libraries or community halls, are most likely to be found by independent artists. You’re putting a halt to the commission agents’ propensity to service them. Purchasing a painting from an artist increases their visibility and aids in promoting future works.

Scenario of Online Art Selling Platform in Nepal

Nepal is a culturally and naturally rich country where people are talented in various fields, including art. Many artists have come up with their own websites and social media. At the same time, many online art selling platforms have also emerged to support emerging artists. These online platforms are safer, convenient, and efficient when compared to traditional ones.

Among such platforms, ImagePasal is one trusted and reliable one. ImagePasal also gives a customer the option to Buy printed photos of Nepal. Here, you can buy printed frames, printed photos of landscapes, portraits, and many more.


Online Art Selling platforms/companies act as a primary market for artists; however, some can act as secondary ones too. Online platforms are a better option than visiting the galleries as platforms offer numerous advantages, saving your time, energy, and effort. ImagePasal is a reliable platform in Nepal to buy printed photos of Nepal, printed frames, printed photos of landscapes, portraits, and many more.

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