The Best Places to Travel in Nepal During Dashain Holiday

The Best Places to Travel in Nepal During Dashain Holiday

As Nepal is blessed with natural beauty and cultural heritages, visiting the various places of Nepal is definitely worth it. As the most popular travel season in Nepal is here, why not make the month of October the time for Dashain and Family trips? So, are you set to make memories with your dear ones and go on a family trip this Dashain? In this blog, we will discuss which destination you should choose when traveling in Dashain Holidays, 2079.


Pokhara is the city of lakes. It is surrounded by stunning snow-capped mountains and is home to a hospitable culture for both local and international tourists. Paraglide at Sarangkot, watch bats at Mahendra Cave, witness water flow at Davis Fall, or experience peace at Pokhara Shanti Stupa, Barahi temple, and many monasteries around; you have numerous activity options in Pokhara. Also, Pokhara is a popular place to shop, eat, and even enjoy karaoke or clubbing. Take your fam-jam or friends to Pokhara and see the happy times rolling in.. Fewa Lake, Pokhara Fewa Lake, Pokhara


Muktinath is a popular temple in Western Nepal and is also a trekking haven. For both Hindus and Buddhists worldwide, the Muktinath pilgrimage trip is regarded as a holy experience. Travel agencies organize the Muktinath temple trip during this Dashain break. You can see the Mustang’s peace and tranquility as you travel. You can also visit and snap some wonderful shots. Muktinath, Nepal Muktinath, Nepal


One of the most well-known overnight stops for trekkers in the Kaski district’s Annapurna region is Ghandruk. In fact, Ghandruk village is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Nepal. Ghandruk offers a breathtaking vista of the Annapurna Mountain ranges, including Machhapuchhre and Himchuli. So, for refreshment for your family, visit the amazing scenery, untouched culture, simple country life, regional cuisine, and hospitality. Ghandruk, Kaski, Nepal Ghandruk, Kaski, Nepal


Bandipur is another destination when thinking of travelling during Dashain holidays. Bandipur is a quiet and beautiful small mountain village with white, orange or red plaster and well-decorated balconies. On a bright day, you can enjoy the stunning view of the Himalayas. Usually, people who are returning from Pokhara stop by Bandipur, stay one or two days and then move to Kathmandu or other Eastern regions. You can also make a hike to nearby Ramikot and Siddha cave. Your family will surely cherish a gateway to Bandipur. Bandipur,Nepal Bandipur,Nepal


If you want to explore Nepal and its devotion to Buddhism, then Lumbini is your place. Birthplace to the Gautam Buddha-The light of Nepal gets you pious and peaceful feelings. You can see different monasteries made by different countries. This trip will certainly become an educational tour for your children too. Mayadevi Temple , Lumbini Mayadevi Temple , Lumbini

Shree Antu, Ilam

If you are a fan of the sunrise, then Shree Antu danda, the first place where the sun arises in Nepal, is your go-to place. Situated in extreme East Nepal, Shree Antu is one mesmerizing place with the lush green of the forest around it and the amazing tea gardens. You can stay in a Lepcha community (homestay) on your visit to Antu Danida. You will enjoy beauty and serenity of Ilam on your way to Shree Antu. Patches of Trees in the Eastern Nepal, Shree Antu, Ilam Patches of Trees in the Eastern Nepal, Shree Antu, Ilam


Janakpur is the heart of Terai, where you can see the rural Terai Nepal people with their own way of life. The most important attraction of Janakpur is Janaki Mandir. Made with grander architecture, the temple is devoted to Lord Ram and Janaki (Sita). You can also see Ganga Sagar and Dhanush Sagar and many other ponds. Janakpur may not be an instgrammable place in the extreme rural side, but the temple area is beautiful and gives you spiritual vibes. You can take your family here for the religious as well as refreshment tour. If you want to explore the vibrant Mithila culture then Janakpur is the destination for you. Janaki Mandir , Janakpur


Sauraha is a small town located near Chitwan National Park. In order to reach Chitwan National Park, you have to travel to Sauraha first. Sauraha has many options for accommodation; you can choose from luxury hotels to homestays. But if you want your family to enjoy the flora and fauna while also experiencing luxury, then you can stay in luxury hotels in Sauraha. So don’t miss Sauraha when you are looking for Travel destinations in Nepal during the Dashain vacation. Spotted Deer, Chitwan National Park Spotted Deer, Chitwan National Park


Bardiya lies in the western region of Nepal. In fact, Bardiya exhibits the fact that Nepal has a lot more to offer than just the mountains alone. The isolated, remote location and the traditions of the Tharu people will amaze you. In fact, the best time to visit Bardiya is during Maghi- The major festival of Tharus. All in all, you can explore Tharu culture and wildlife in Bardiya. Maghi festival, Bardiya Maghi festival, Bardiya


Kalinchowk is a favorite snow-playing destination for young people. From the pilgrims’ point of view, it is the place of Goddess Kalinchowk Bhagwati. The ideal time to visit Kalinchowk is between October and February, as there are high chances of snowfall. To go to the Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple, you can take the cable car and enjoy the thrill. The majestic views of the mountains and Kuri village can be seen from the temple. You can take the whole family there if they just love snow. Kalinchowk Kalinchowk

Shuklaphanta National Park

Shuklaphanta National Park , which is located in the lowlands of the extreme southwest, is made up of vast grasslands and sal forests. Adding to this, Suklaphanta Hunting Reserve is a legally registered Haunting reserve. As a visitor to Shuklaphanta, you can enjoy Jungle Safari, Wildlife viewing on elephant back, Watching wild animals and birds, Jeep Driving, Tharu cultural dance and dinner while enjoying the view of Rani lake, Mahakali river and bridge, and Ghodaghodi lake.Rani Lake, Shuklaphanta National Park Rani Lake, Shuklaphanta National Park