The story of Yak, Vehicle in Mountains

Yaks are an important part of Himalayan or cold-climate animal husbandry. Yaks are large cattle with a hefty physique, short but stout legs, and rounded cloven hooves that splay to assist them in moving in the snow. Dri or nak refers to a female yak. Yak milk, meat, wool, bones, and wool all contribute considerably to yak herders’ livelihoods. Yak products are used for food and nutrition, energy, clothing, money, and employment.

Wild Yak

Yak, The Vehicle for sustainable livelihood and tourism in Upper-Himalayas of Nepal

The robust yak is utilized for traction and transport through terrain in the upper Himalayas and serves as a vehicle. Yak and its hybrids remain an indispensable part of the trekking industry to carry heavy loads to supply both local and tourism demands as there is no suitable substitute animal. Without yak as a vehicle and source for protein, there is a remote chance to meet the growing demand for food and transportation needed in tourism that seeks adventure of trekking and mountain-climbing.


Overall, many yak herders in Nepal see yak as a family member, and yak ownership is also tied to a family’s social status. Yaks, in fact, are a part of their heritage and culture. In terms of culture, a prominent event is held in western Nepal. The Mustang district celebrates a yak blood-drinking festival in which people drink raw yak blood drawn fresh from a living yak’s body. Yaks graze on herbs, and ingesting raw yak blood is said to be a natural therapy for gastritis, jaundice, and skin illnesses, as well as relieving bodily pain and edema.

Where to put pictures of yak in the home?

If you wish to reflect on the tranquil and carefree sentiments, you can purchase and hang photographs or paintings of yaks grazing on grass. A large-scaled picture in your living room will undoubtedly enhance its beauty and make a statement. If you want to introduce yak to your children, you may create a simple, cute, and fuzzy painting or purchase such digital artwork. These adorable yak designs are ideal for your baby’s nursery or playroom.

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