7 Benefits of Buying Images Online In Nepal

7 Benefits of Buying Images Online In Nepal

For a business operating on a digital basis and for digital markers, creating content, especially the image, is essential in their daily task. In Nepal, where the digital business operation is gradually taking its roots, it appears that for image content, decent agencies/businesses take the help from platforms like Freepik and Unsplash, but some end up using photos of photographers without their consent and not even giving credits. The latter ones have 90% chance of failing in reputation and even may have legal difficulties in the future. So, instead of downloading the picture, it is better to buy images online.

You might be wondering why buying images online is even the talk of the topic. Well, for that, we will make you familiar with the 7 benefits of buying images online in Nepal.
Let’s get started.

You are showing respect to photographers and their efforts

Photographers put their heart and soul into giving life and story to their pictures. They wait for the perfect moment to take the picture, displaying their effort and patience. The image experts always amaze us with high quality and flawlessly fitting your expected type of pictures. So when you buy images for them, it acts like “an act of showering honor.”

You Get Images In Comparatively Less Money

You know that getting a quality picture requires a good set-up, models, lights and similar facilities. A small business may find it hard to afford such investment. So, buying images from Nepali stock photography website becomes much safer, easier, and convenient. Buying images from the international stock photography website counts for having weekly, monthly, or annual subscriptions; however, some do charge for every download, but it may bring a lot of hassles. Hence, it is a good decision to buy from Nepali Photographs or stock photography website of Nepal.

You are helping to strengthen the national economy

Buying images online, especially using international platforms, and paying for them is not an easy task. At this point, you are also sending your money to a foreign country. As we all know, in Nepal, Local Payment gateways like eSewa, Khalti, IME pay, and many others are available, making people’s lives easy with digital payment. So, for untroubled payments and having your money spent within the country, you can buy stock images from stock images website paying them with such payment gateways. Moreover, you will contribute to increasing the national economy.

You can get any type of image for your business

Finding a perfect image online and checking on legal aspects is a cumbersome task. This also makes you invest more time in making content than connecting to your audience. You also know that you have to have your content ready and post it at the perfect time to own engagements from the audience. So, instead of surfing the Internet, directly go to stock photography websites like ImagePasal, #photonepal, Neptos, Dhansar etc. No matter what business you have, you can find images on such platforms that suit your business.

You help in bringing and supporting Nepaliness

Whenever you search Asian Faces on International stock photography website, you can rarely find a Nepali face there. Talking about the festivals and cultural images, you can only see Indian arts, sketches, pictures everywhere. These all imply that models or aspects that represent Nepal in international platforms are pretty low. It is disheartening to know the fact that Nepali marketers, who are paying a good sum of money to such platforms, are compelled to use contents that don’t even serve their purpose completely. Well, this issue can be well addressed by simply purchasing images from stock photography websites of Nepal. It will benefit such platforms, and you don’t have to compromise too. Win-Win situation, Right?

Image Platforms serve as easy Solutions for You Emergency Postings

Sometimes you might have to post something instantly, like in immediate planning or demand of the situation, so at that time, waiting for the photographers and getting the perfect shot is just a waste of your time. This kind of scenario also aids in losing customers and prospects too. To address this problem, buying images online becomes your best decision, as getting the images is a simple task- Click buy, Pay, and Receive.

You buy images abiding under the law of privacy and copyrights

The issue of using someone’s picture is taken in a serious illegal deal. Thus, when you knowingly download/use the image, the original owner can sue you, and you might have to appear in court. To avoid all these issues, you must be familiar with copyright and related laws. So, the best thing to do is either make your own picture or legally buy it from Online Image Platforms.

All in all, the tradition of buying images online, especially from Nepali platforms like ImagePasal, must be started. Let’s promote stock photography website of Nepal and the works of photographers.

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