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A Muslim man offers prayers on Ramadan

A Muslim man offers prayers on Ramadan festival at Kashmiri Jama Masjid, Kathmandu. 2018

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar which serves as a special month for Muslims. The lunar cycle, especially the crescent moon, determines the start and end of Ramadan. This whole month they observe “Roza, “a kind of fasting where they don’t consume any food and liquid, including water, from sunrise to sunset. ” The food that is eaten before sunrise is called “Suhoor,” and food after sunset is “Iftar.”

During Ramadan, Muslims read their religious book “Quran ” and practice devotion to strengthen their relationship with Allah. Children, especially those below 14, are not supposed to observe fasting, but parents make them read and listen to the teachings of the Quran. Muslims in Nepal devote themselves and celebrate Ramadan with great enthusiasm.

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